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We have satisfied a massive range of business accounting needs by our highly secured and technically superior accounting based on blockchain technology.

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Blockchain also used in accounting services that are concerned with the transfer of ownership of assets and maintaining a ledger of certain financial transactions. SARA Technologies offers the most accessible and most efficient blockchain accounting software to manage your organization accounts and ledgers, without the risk of data tampering.

The blockchain is the future of accounting due to its transparency and security features. It can provide a durable framework for keeping track of the assets. Apart from cryptocurrency, blockchain accounting has bright scope in banking regulations, payment platforms, P2P payment modes, banking operations, medical records, voting systems, P2P e-commerce transactions, and so on by eliminating the role of the middleman.

Automation is among an indispensable component while we talk about a successful and rapidly growing business. If any business still depends on manual operations to achieve their daily goals, it will unquestionably cost them more with reduced accuracy. The company yet relies on mutual control mechanisms, balances, and checks to attain its everyday objectives. This affects daily actions. There is a duplication of efforts in a well-organized approach, periodical controls, and widespread documentation, among other concerns. A majority of them are labor-intensive, hand-operated tasks that are far away from being mechanized.

Current financial accounting and bookkeeping are based on a double-entry system. For administrators, identifying whether they could trust their own books and records is a problematic task, which is solved by double-entry bookkeeping. Yet, to gain the trust of outsiders, self-governing public auditors should verify the financial data. Every audit is an expensive operation, holding the organization's accountants for a long time.
Blockchain Accounting System

Blockchain Accounting System: The Savior Arrives

Blockchain technology has the potential to further revolutionize the accounting industry by enhancing productivity, accuracy, data security, and reducing maintenance expenses and reconciling ledgers. It provides certainty over the history of assets and their ownership.
The integration of blockchain into the accounting system free-up the businesses from the headaches of maintaining separate records as per the transaction receipts. Organizations can record their transactions right into a decentralized ledger, forming an interlocking arrangement of abiding accounts and records. As all listings are decentralized and sealed using cryptography, the possibilities of tampering with them to conceal activity are practically unattainable. This is precisely the same as the transaction being validated by an attorney — exclusively in a computerized way. This will enable audit professionals to validate a vast amount of data in a short period. The time and cost required to conduct an audit would decrease considerably.
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As a blockchain software developer, we understand the importance of your accounting transactions, and financial records for your business thus offer smooth audit services as well.

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Benefits of Adopting Blockchain Accounting Solutions

Reduce data storage cost
Eliminates duplication of data
Reduce time
Enhance data security

Blockchain has provided the possibility of new types of accounting ledger that can be updated and regularly verified without the risk of being corrupted. In blockchain accounting, new information can be entered, but the previous information cannot be edited or adjusted by anyone.

This is attained by using cryptography linking one block of information to the other block with a digital signature of the authorizing person like a timestamp or unique ID. In layman’s terms Blockchain is a digital, public ledger that records everything securely and transparently.

With Blockchain, accounts are designed in such a way that everyone is in-charge so that there would complete visibility and everyone knows the status of the accounts without any alteration.

The most crucial feature of blockchain is its immutability, decentralized network, and complete transparency that establishes an atmosphere of trust among a group of strangers. The blockchain has resolved the risks of fraud, the duplicity of data, data theft within the network. We don't need any intermediate for processing transactions over blockchain, which reduces the cost of the and increases the speed of transaction completion.

Why Go For Blockchain Accounting Services

Claiming that blockchain is a piece of tech that is based on accountancy wouldn’t be a stretch. Blockchain presents an approach for transactions and cash flow recording along with accounts storing assets.
For satisfying administrative necessities, the accounting business depends on paper-based ways to conduct accounting functions and transactions.
Accounting professionals have begun using cloud-based technology, but paper-based approaches are still controlling the accounting arena.
While auditing “the books and records,” auditors require to view these on-paper records. And, “cooking the books” is an age-old obstacle, so the requirement for adopting a new solution may be knocking the door.
Blockchain technology allows accountants and CPA firms a lucrative opportunity to smoothen and streamline their audits and operations since it offers a fully decentralized, immutable, transparent, and tamper-proof record of all the stored information. It assists in ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data.

Reduced Auditing

Numerous accountants are enthusiastic about integrating blockchain into accounting systems, as it lessens the headaches of manually auditing records. Smart contracts will help the auditors to automate a majority of audit operations and functions.

The auditing process can be fastened and made simple, grateful to the integral traceability of everything listed on the decentralized network. And, since each single stuff is automated, blockchain can lessen the time audit professions require to spend-checking “the books and records.”

Reduced Fraud

Blockchain technology can enhance conventional accounting practices and fight against frauds associated with accounts, books, and records. It’s nearly impossible to execute any fraud or unethical practices over the blockchain network, as its immutable nature does not allow such practices at all.

Making changes to a record on a distributed ledger is highly impracticable as the performer would need to perform the same move on all the copies of the entire blockchain network - concurrently.

Reduced Errors

Data entry is conceivably the sector where blockchain can assist the greatest. It’s the sector with the highest possibilities of human error. Blockchain can ultimately lessen human error by automating a majority of accounting operations.

Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

Businesses should follow a lot to meet administrative requirements. Blockchain can assist in unloading the burden—appreciations to the magnified security it proposes. Very soon, blockchain may become obligatory in some financial divisions as more administrative professionals welcome the technology advancements.

Enhanced Efficiency

A blockchain integrated accounting system can be outlined to be much advanced and effective than traditional accounting software. The most challenging task is getting data into and out of accounting software, but blockchain has made it much faster and more robust.

Easier Reconciliation

The month-end tasks may turn burden-less. CPAs can begin using smart contracts blockchain to automate all the functions associated with reconciliation.

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